About Sally Heitz

For both of us making wine at CONCINNATE is a hands-on affair. We both nurture the vineyard and get hands deep in the production of the wines, from pruning in the winter when the vines are dormant, thru to harvest, vinification, bottling, and the marketing of the finished wines.

We also rely heavily on, and are extremely fortunate to have Roberto Giontella, to help us farm the vineyard as well as maintaining our olive trees. Roberto's family has been farming in the hills of Todi for generations.

“As well as being a vintner, in California, I nurtured a professional consultancy in interior design.

In Italy, I have enjoyed applying my own aesthetic and values to the restoration of our farm home.​

I wanted to make use of upcycling and repurposing of materials where ever I could. It was very important to us to be careful and, with sympathetic intervention, to nurture the monumental tree in front of the house.

This has become a magical canopy under which we savor time with family and friends".