Our Tenuta Montorsolo Vineyard is located at 476 meters above sea level, in the hills just a few kilometers east of Todi. We are just above the fog line that often shrouds the valleys along the Tiber River.

Our land is extremely rocky with soils made up of limestone and sandstone rubble mixed in with a little clay and sand, thus making the soils perfect for growing vines that are moderately stressed throughout the growing season. Being close to the top of a hill, we also have the benefit of steady breezes during the growing season, which also help to reduce the humidity and further stress the vines, which in turn help to promote the production of high quality grapes.

In addition to our vineyard and home, we also have a small grove of olive trees that furnish us with oil for our personal use. Our several hectares of oak woodlands support a rich variety of wildlife ranging from song birds, hare, hedgehog, porcupine, to owls and eagles, and of course the famous cinghiale (wild boar). All these make the woodland and its edges their home.